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Portfolio Investments

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Healph Care camtx blair cambridge glendale

Portfolio Company Invested Status Description
Cancare Health Services Purchased 
Add on acquisition
A provider of high quality home health services to enhance quality of life and independence for people of all diversities, according to their personal beliefs and choices.
Camtx Manufacturing in Cambridge Ont, Canada  

Original purchase 1980 with add on acquisitions over the following 25 years. 

CIBC High Yield Bond US $75M

Manufactures and sells  Terry towels and bathroom accessories under the Cambridge Towel name as well as Private label programs for North American mass merchants
Polyair Interpac Public
Sold – December 2007
Cantar pools and accessories
Polyair Packaging
PSC Moulding
Synergx Systems Public  
Sold- January 2007
Life Fire Safety and subway emergency communication
Distinctive Designs Sold – July 2007